Payments between consumers

Online Payment Platform makes it easy to facilitate
seamless payment processes between consumers on a platform


Integrate the process from acceptance to payment

"Marktplaats is a place with millions of sellers. Online Payment Platform makes it easy to pay each other via iDEAL which increases trust and the rate of success."

Maurice Bartens - Head Business Development


Platform focus

We believe in the bright future of platforms and the sharing economy. We understand the challenges platforms wrestle with as soon as payments become part of the process. Our technology and processes are developed to take care of this for platforms.


Facilitating iDEAL payments between consumers is only permitted if the strict conditions of iDEAL C2C are adhered to.

Pioneer in C2C

Online Payment Platform was the first payment service provider to be awarded the C2C accreditation from the Dutch Payments Association Currence.

Using our solution, as a platform you do not need to acquire a license from De Nederlandsche Bank and you are prepared for the future.

Reliable sellers

Our technology is used by the largest platforms in the Netherlands and Europe. We understand the persistent challenge of fighting fraud faced by platforms. We offer practical onboarding verifications and use big data to eradicate cross-platform fraud.

Verification levels

We offer several verification levels to provide assurances about the people, mobile phone numbers, bank accounts and addresses. All these verifications can be used gradually to ensure a low barrier of acceptance. These can be integrated seamlessly within existing processes using the API or through our white label onboarding environment.

Cross-platform fraud detection

As soon as a fraudulent party has been identified, they will be unable to operate on any of the other trading platforms that uses our technology.

Split payments

By enabling the payments to take place on the platform, costs can be charged directly.

Online Payment Platform offers the 'Split Payments' option for this. This provides the possibility to deduct an amount from every transaction that takes place on your platform.

'Split Payments' can be in the form of a fixed amount or a percentage of the transaction and can vary per seller on the platform.

Holding funds

Our escrow services offer platforms the possibility to stop payouts until certain conditions have been met.

Grip on the process

Escrow provides a better grip on the process, for both the buyer and the seller, which limits the risks of fraud. The escrow offers total flexibility in the way the platform applies it.

In the event that the conditions have been met, the money is transferred to the seller. In other cases, the money can be partially or fully refunded to the buyer.

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