Facilitate online payment methods for faculties and departments
within an educational institute or organisation

The added value of Online Payment Platform

"We are very pleased with the payment solutions provided by Online Payment Platform. We have regained control of the online payment flows which relieves our organisation."

Ivo Huurdeman - Treasurer

Central management

An educational institute faces specific challenges in relation to online payment methods. An educational institute has multiple faculties and departments with different needs when it comes to handling incoming payments.

Consider collecting course fees, topping up payment cards or facilitating payments for events.

It is a challenge for institutes to offer faculties and departments a flexible solution, which would give them the freedom to apply online payment methods, while maintaining an overview of the transactions for the central financial department.

In order to realise this, Online Payment Platform offers a unique partner layer under which all faculties and departments have their own account. This keeps it manageable for the educational institute and they always have a complete overview.

Multiple accounts

All faculties and departments in the educational institute receive their own account on Online Payment Platform. This separates the administrations and cash flows.

It is possible to create multiple users under one account; this can be useful if several staff members are responsible for accepting online payments.

Versatile tool sets

The way in which the online payments are designed differs per faculty or department within the educational institute. Due to the different tool sets of Online Payment Platform, we can offer a suitable solution for almost everyone.

Consider creating e-mail payment request, placing payment buttons or advanced integrations via our API.

Financial software

It is possible to add specified information to transactions for each individual account. The provides the central financial department with an insight into the cash flows for all faculties and departments

A link with accounting software ensures transparent cash flows and correct reconciliation.

Benefit from the advantages

Within the European market you must be monitored by a local supervisory body, such as De Nederlandsche Bank, in order for monies from third parties to be received and paid out.

The technology required to facilitate this process from onboarding to payments within the statutory framework is time consuming and requires a lot of maintenance. Online Payment Platform enables other platforms to benefit from the advantages without requiring excessive effort from the organisation.

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