Accept recurring payments for sellers using pre-authorised
debits, credit cards or PayPal

The added value of Online Payment Platform

"It has become simple for our platform to integrate and accept recurring direct debit transactions and other payment methods."

Pepijn Meddens - Director

Recurring payments

The wide variety of options makes facilitating recurring payments using pre-authorised debits, credit cards or PayPal a seemingly complicated process.

The technical layer of Online Payment Platform and the experience of our payment experts ensures we can simplify recurring payments.

The difference between B2C and B2B transactions, the use of various authorisation methods and the acceptance of credit card and PayPal payments for various buyers is a piece of cake for us.

Mandate management

It is also a challenge to manage and maintain mandates. Even the latest digital mandates for digital authorisation for payment collections must be stored and managed.

Online Payment Platform takes care of this and supports the processes to keep payment collection authorisations on the whitelist. If the collection authorisation is on the payer’s blacklist, then Online Payment Platform will try to reactivate this authorisation, whereby the collection authorisation will be back on the whitelist.

Verify companies

The 'know you customer module' ensures businesses can be verified online within a few steps.

This module can be used as a White Label solution and can therefore be integrated almost seamlessly in the existing online environment.

After completing the process, the online payment methods are available directly and these can be activated.

The platform also receives verified data from Online Payment Platform as soon as the process is completed successfully.

Collect data

Data is invaluable and data related to payments on your platform is no exception.

Online Payment Platform offers various tools providing insight into the payments on your platform. Consider: live dashboards, export functionalities and extensive API options.

Increase turnover

By having payments proceed through the platform it is possible to charge costs directly.

For this, Online Payment Platform, offers the 'Split Payment' option. This means you can deduct an amount for each transaction that takes place on your platform.

The 'Split Payment' can be a fixed amount or percentage of the transaction and can differ per seller on the platform.

Benefit from the advantages

Within the European market you must be monitored by a local supervisory body, such as De Nederlandsche Bank, in order for monies from third parties to be received and paid out.

The technology required to facilitate this process from onboarding to payments within the statutory framework is time consuming and requires a lot of maintenance. Online Payment Platform enables other platforms to benefit from the advantages without requiring excessive effort from the organisation.

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